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Why Use a Treadmill Desk?

Technological, economic and social changes have made many people to sit more than is healthy for the body. With the advent of tv, computers, video games and the desk job, we’re sitting down more than ever before in history. 9.5 hours a day, even more time than we spend sleeping (7.7 hours). Our bodies weren’t built for that, and it’s starting to take its toll. You might want to stand up for this.

We need to invest in our health and wellbeing and encourage better practice within our workforces. Treadmill desks are only the beginning of creating a more dynamic workplace. Even making small changes in the initial office design can encourage us to interact more with our surroundings and cut sitting time. We want to see a better balance between sitting and standing. Employers need to encourage more movement, and better wellbeing for their staff.

A Treadmill Desk provides a great opportunity to take regular, short sessions of activity whilst in the office, helping to combat against the negative effects arising from daily prolonged bouts of sitting at a conventional desk.

Treadmill Desks are not primarily fitness machines though you are likely to feel much better from using one regularly, and the extra activity will also consume more calories. You are most likely to use your treadmill desk whilst making a phone call, emailing or browsing the internet.

And the usual walking pace is around 1.2 mph to 1.6 mph, but you may find your own comfortable speed on the walking belt is outside of these values, and may even vary according to the type of activity you are doing; whilst talking on the phone for instance, you are likely to walk a little faster than when you are composing an email or reading a report or searching online.


The So-Called Sitting Disease

The sitting disease is when your body's metabolism winds down when we sit for long periods of time. In previous years most jobs were active involving walking and moving around, but with the modern age of computers more and more people are deskbound, sitting for up to 8 hours a day, sitting on your journey home from work then sitting down watching TV. 

Obesity rates worldwide are on the rise expecially in Western countries. When sitting for too long this will give a direct lowering of the body's  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). We burn fewer calories when sitting down. When standing we raise the BMR significantly as the heart works harder to keep the body erect. Walking at a slow speed of 1-2mph raises the BMR further still. Dr James Levine the "father of the Treadmill Desk" and author of 'Move a Little, Lose a Lot, estimates that walking 1-2mph will burn an estimated 100 to 130 calories per hour.

Using a Standing Desk, Treadmill Desk or WalkDesk gives you options to sitting at your desk all day. 

More offices in the UK are investing in Treadmill Desks and WalkDesks for their workforce as they can see the future health benefits and 'healthier staff' usually means 'more productivity.' People who work from home have told us how they love using their Treadmill Desks, we know of an author who have written one of her books on hers, and when you are not working you can surf the internet, use social media and even watch TV, all whilst walking.


The Health Benefits of Walking

Dr John Bergman has produced a video enitiled: Learn How to Walk Correctly to Maximise Your Potential.

The video is about 30 minutes in length, but the first five minutes may be of particular interest to you if you are researching the benefits of walking.



Examples of Treadmill Desks

The WalkDesk WTD200 Is a combination desk and walking belt, both of which fold up when not in use if required. The WalkDesk WTB100 is a treadmill base unit, a slow moving belt for walking, which is a great solution for those who own a height adjustable standing desk and are looking to introduce sessions of walking into their usual workday office routine. The WTB100 is also a folding unit. In case you are interested in buying a height adjustable desk, we have a full range of Sit-Stand Desks (Single and Double Width) to accommodate a treadmill desk base unit and also a chair, so you can alternate sitting, standing and walking. 

A recent addition to our range is the Inmovement Treadmill Desk which a fully integrated unit ideal for the modern office, with a maximum user weight of 158kg..

If you need further information on Sit-Stand Desks, Treadmill Desks and WalkDesk, please give us a call on 0800 508 8036, we will be happy to advise.


Leasing Options for Business Users

For more information read about leasing options provided by Admiral Leasing for companies.