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  1. Tunturi R20 Rower

    The R20 Rower by Tunturi is very silent and smooth, the resistance levels are easy to adjust and it has a comfortable seat. It is a compact rower and folds for storage.

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  2. Tunturi R50 Rowing Machine

    The R50 Performance Rower by the popular brand Tunturi, has easy to adjust resistance levels, a comfortable padded seat, folds for storage and has dual glide rails for a smooth performance.

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  3. Flow Fitness Driver DMR250

    Regular Price: £599.00

    Special Price £549.00

    An excellent rowing machine at a very competitive price. The Flow Fitness Driver DMR250 has a magnetic resistance which you can change manually and has 8 levels of resistance. A Console which provides feedback of time, speed, distance, calories burned, RPM and heart rate feedback. You can monitor your heart rate with an optional chest strap.

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  4. Care Mag Clipper Rower

    Regular Price: £599.99

    Special Price £469.99

    A key feature of the Care Fitness Mag Clipper Rower is its easy to use functionality. This magnetic Rower with a centre pull system engages the arm and core muscles also abs and leg muscles giving you a great workout. Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do for a cardiovascular workout.

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  5. Jet 600 Rowing Machine

    Regular Price: £799.99

    Special Price £599.00

    The Jet 600 is equipped with both manual and magnetic resistance systems to give the user the most intense rowing session possible. The silent magnetic braking system offers a frictionless, authentic and smooth rowing experience. 16 levels of resistance meets the requirements of most users.

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  6. Waterrower A1 Rowing Machine

    Stylish designer rowing machine in the Waterrower series. The A1 is the entry level in the range, built from premium ash wood, stores upright when not in use and has 4 wheels for transporting. An aluminium seat rail gives you a smooth glide with the quiet water resistance system makes this a good choice.

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  7. Waterrower Rowing Machine Natural

    The natural ash is our most popular Waterrower, handcrafted made out of premium hardwood with a smooth quiet water resistance system. Transport wheels, aluminium rail for a smooth glide. Stylish in design making it perfect for any home or fitness studio.

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  8. Waterrower Club Rowing Machine

    The Club Model is constructed from solid premium hardwood, all Waterrowers are handcrafted in the USA from solid ash wood then stained and finished in danish oil. A quality rowing machine with a whisper quiet smooth water resistance system. Transports and stores easily. The perfect choice for your gym and rowing fitness classes.

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  9. Waterrower Oxbridge Rowing Machine

    Aesthetically pleasing designed rowing machine, very popular and perfect for any home, made from premium hardwood, stained and finished in danish oil. Handcrafted in the USA, with a self regulating resistance, easily transports and stores upright when not in use to save on space.

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  10. M1 LoRise Rowing Machine

    Lightweight commercial grade rowing machine, popular in gyms and fitness studios. Handcrafted from powder coated tubular steel, a smooth ergonomic action, easily transportable.

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  11. Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine

    Classic and popular designed Waterrower, handcrafted from american walnut wood, looks stylish in any home, the harder you row the harder the resistance, can be stored upright when not in use.

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  12. Waterrower M1 Hi Rise Rowing Machine Side View

    Handcrafted lightweight commercial Waterrower, made from powder coated tubular steel with a smooth ergonomic action. Easily manoeuvrable and stores upright when not in use, has a higher entry point (20”) than other models which makes it easier for getting on and off the rowing machine.

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  13. Kettler Coach S Rowing Machine

    Has a distinctive look and extra seat track for tall people with a 6kg Flywheel ensuring a smooth motion. Exercise programmes can be controlled via a smartphone and has adjustable footplates for added comfort.

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  14. WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine

    * Limited Edition commercial grade rowing machine handcrafted with
       brushed stainless steel
    * Smooth ergonomic action with a whisper quiet water resistance
    * Easily manoeuvrable and stores upright
    * Stylish in design, perfect for the home 

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  15. DKN R500 Rowing Machine

    Regular Price: £1,399.00

    Special Price £899.00

    Designed for heavy duty use with 16 levels of workout resistance, has a 20" seat height for easy mounting and dismounting and combines both magnetic and air resistance with a 12kg flywheel. 12 pre-set workouts with a 5.5" LCD Console.

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  16. Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Side View

    The Coach has a longer frame for a better workout and more stretch, has a non-wear magnetic brake system and a console with 6 workout functions. 18 additional strength and fitness exercises can be performed.

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  17. DKN R400 Rowing Machine

    Regular Price: £699.00

    Special Price £549.00

    Dual air-magnetic resistance rowing machine with an 11kg flywheel and 16 levels of challenging resistance. Showing 12 pre-set workouts on the LCD console. A double seat rail for added stability and a smoother glide.

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  18. Waterrower Laptop Stand

    A unique stand fitting your sleek laptop directly to your WaterRower for competing in online racing such as Netathlon, or if you just want to kick back and watch a film or show while you row! Available in a choice of wood to co-ordinate with your waterrower.

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  19. Blade Rower

    The Blade Rower has a smooth air resistance system to create a great performance, extra large foot plates for comfort when rowing, the aluminium track fits a padded seat on rollers for a smooth glide. A folding design allows you to store away easily when not in use. A standard monitor showing your workout information is included. 

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Choosing A Rowing Machine

Most people who choose a Rowing Machine for their home fitness machine, has usually exercised before. Maybe in a Gym on another piece of equipment or even on a Rower.


Rowing is a harder exercise than for instance training on an exercise bike.  Using a Rowing Machine will give you a good cardio workout, using a variety of muscle groups, exercising your legs, arms, back and abdominals. 


The different types of Rowing Machines there are, are usually determined by the type of resistance which is used. The Rowing Machines of the past had hydraulic cylinders to create the resistance which were not as smooth to use as the Rowers of today. The modern day Rowing Machines have 3 types of resistance: Magnetic, Air and Water.


Magnetic resistance - is created by magnets that get closer to the wheel when increasing the resistance to create the intensity, this is a silent operation, making it quieter when training.


Air resistance - is created by a flywheel with air flowing through the wheel which is connected to a chain and handle, the harder you pull the harder the resistance. 


Water resistance - is created by a paddle incased in a tank of water which is connected to a chain and handle.  When you row, and pull back the paddle is forced to turn in the water creating a resistance, the harder you row, the harder the resistance. The noise of the water is calming for some people when exercising. Waterrowers tend to be the people's choice, as not only do they give you the smooth ride for your workout, they look fabulous in your home. 


When choosing a Rowing Machine, decide if you have the space, can you use it comfortable, would you have to fold it up when not in use? Waterrowers are good as they stand on their side, taking up very little space when not in use. Some magnetic and air rowers are long in length but have a central pin, you can pull out when not in use which allows you to fold back the seat and rail which takes up less space.


Most Rowing Machines have a monitor showing programmes, watts, calories, time and a row counter. 


Click the banner at the top of the page for more information about Rowing Machines, or contact us on 0161 660 9082 we will be happy to advise.